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*MUST USE Referral LINKS below TO CLAIM THE BONUSes. All Links will open in a new web browser tab.© does not have access to any of your personal information that you submit to any of the companies below.

list of exchanges that will pay you sign up bonuses for opening new Accounts

Additional information on Minimum Requirements & how long they take to pay is found in the Details section

Stock Exchanges with Signup Bonuses $

         Exchange            Bonus Offered

     1. eToro                   $30 in US Dollar

     2. Public                  1 free stock

     3. robinhood          1 Free stock


REIT INvestment Exchange with Signup Bonus $

        Exchange           Bonus Offered

    1. Fundrise            $25 in US Dollar

Coin Exchanges with Signup Bonuses $

      Exchange              Bonus Offered

  1. bityard                  5% off Fees,+ More

  2. Binance.US            $10 In US Dollar

  3. Blockfi                  $15 in Bitcoin

  4. Cake Defi               $30 in DfI, + more 

  5. Choice                    $50 in Bitcoin

  6. Coinbase               $10 in Bitcoin

  7. Crypto                   $25 in US Dollar

  8. ftx                          5% off Fees

  9. Juno                       $10 in USDC

 10. Nexo                      $25 in Bitcoin

 11. Okcoin                  $50 in Bitcoin

DEtails Section

 the minimum requirements necessary to get Each Bonus & the Time it takes to get paid

Stock & REIT Investment Exchanges:

Stock EXCHANGE #1:     ETORO

Bonus Offered:   

$30 in US Dollar

Conditions for the bonus $:     

 Complete registration within 30 days of signing up with the referral link. Also must deposit at least $100 through their system into the trading account.

Time To get Paid:​   

 Bonus $ shows up within 14 days of completion.

Link to the bonus:​

Coin Exchanges:


Bonus Offered:   

5% off all trading fees for the life of account, plus bonuses.

Conditions for the bonus $:     

 Trade for the 5% discount & Extra bonus for completing ID and other tasks.

Time To get Paid:   

  Does Not Apply

Link to the bonus:​

or referral code: whyB57


Bonus Offered:

     $50 in Bitcoin        

Conditions for the bonus $:

Complete ID Verification. Deposit at least $1 in a new IRA account.

Time To get Paid:

Bonus shows up within 30 days

Link to the bonus:


Bonus Offered:   

$10 in US Dollar 

Conditions for the bonus $:     

Complete the ID Verification. Deposit $50+ of crypto coin they support or bank funds.

Time To get Paid:​   

 the bonus shows up within 10 minutes.

Link to the bonus:​   


Tips to help

1.  Usually it’s only 1 person per household. However, you may use a business or alternate home address in many cases if both you and a family member would like to have your own accounts. Some companies will check computer IP location. So if 2 people are signing up you will want to use the computer on Wi-Fi for one person, and the cellphone with Wi-Fi turned off to fill out another application for a family member or co-habitant in same location.

2.  On many Coin Exchanges, you can buy a stable dollar coin instead of crypto currency coins such as bitcoin. If you’re averse to any potential risks of investing in a cryptocurrency, the stable coins USDT and USDC are pegged to the US Dollar and Usually backed with US Dollars in reserves. In most cases, you may buy USD stable coins to qualify for a bonus, unless specifically stated on our site or the Coin exchanges.

3. Don’t try to cheat. One person can only sign up once, per exchange. Most companies will withdrawal your entire bonus if you cheat and try to sign up more than once for the same bonus with different email address but same identity on driver’s license or other form of identity.



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